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Is huge POPULATION an asset or a liability for a country. Benefits of HUMAN RESOURCE


We all know that India has the second largest population in the world after China. We often get to hear that India is facing problem for this huge population. Why is this happening? How can this huge population cause problem in the development of the country? Why is India still a third world country? All these questions are going to get answered.

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We all have heard the term “human resource”. Some of the countries have hugely benefitted with the help of human resource. India has large number of population i.e. human resource but still it is not being able to gain from it. This is because 6.7% of the people live below poverty line (BPL). This number may seem very less, but the interesting fact is that the literacy rate of India is 74% which means only 74% of the population of India can only write their name in pen and paper. So, 26% of the population cannot read and write. So, see how the number has increased from 6.7% to 26%. To understand more we must know what population pyramid is. A population pyramid, also called an "age-gender-pyramid" which is a graphical illustration that shows the distribution of various age groups in a population (typically that of a country or region of the world).

population pyramid of India population pyramid of Japan

If we see the images of the population pyramid of India and Japan we will see that the population pyramid of India is tapering towards the top and wider at the base but if you see that of Japan you will see that it is almost equal in width. It is seen that it is not wide at the base like India and it is wider at the center. Now comes the interesting part. It is seen that in every country the people between 15 to 64 years of age are healthy enough to work. They are termed as working population. Now people of this age group have to work for the people of other age group like children and old people who are not healthy or mature enough to earn. In Japan, the working population is more as compared to the non-working population but in India it is just the opposite. There are more children than the working population which can bring a little burden to the working population. The reason why I am comparing Japan with India is that after the bombing in Japan it has used its Human Resource wisely and effectively and now it's one of the developed country in the world. India also has a huge population and it is a developing country. It is not able to use its population effectively. The reason is education and health. Many people are not educated in India mainly the rural population where some of the boys are not educated and girls are not allowed to be educated. In rural areas people think that if they have more children then they will have more family income. For example if a person works in a tea stall he earns Rs.50 a day but if he has 5 children then he will send all his children to a tea stall then the family income will be (50*6 = 300) Rs.300 per day. But we are failing to make them understand that the more children they have the more will they have to pay for their upbringing of their children which they do not have. For this reasons the children in rural area donot have the proper education, heath and skills required. So, the children are going to be in the same status. That is why they are caught in the vicious cycle of poverty. It is one of the primary reason why India is not yet developed. The government is trying its level best to end this by introducing “patshalas” which provide free education and mid-day-meals for the students who go there. All the people of India dream to see India as a developed country and we are sure it will be in FUTURE.


A country can only develop if it pays attention to its natural as well as human resource. Focusing on one in the cost of other will not allow the country to get developed. Human resource gets benefitted with the influence of EDUCATION and HEALTH. Proper education for the young generation of the country will help in the development of the country in the future as the country will be shaped by the young generation who are the creator in the future. Besides education a child should also be healthy or else he cannot be productive for the naton. They must have proper nutritiuos food. They must be asset for the NATION and not a liability. Education of women is equally important. So, we must keep the following points in mind and hope for a better future.

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