Aarush Mullick 1August,2020

Changing lives with EDIBLE WATER BLOBS. A great alternative of plastic.


Imagine a person going out for buying stuffs. The person will always buy an additional plastic bag which is not needed. What does he do with it? He will throw it away. Like this every now and then people are buying plastic goods and throwing it away. It is noticed that consumption of plastic goods has increased considerably due to the buying of plastic water bottles. This has caused a great deal of trouble. When plastics were discovered it was regarded as a wonder material but who knew that it could cause so much destruction. A common thing about people is that they dump the non-biodegradable plastics in the ocean which has killed many marine animals. A common example is The Great Pacific Garbage Patch which is the largest accumulation of ocean plastic in the world and is located between Hawaii and California. It is about double the size of Texas. How can this be stopped?

edible water blobs


Well scientists of Skipping Rocks Lab have found a solution for this. They have invented EDIBLE WATER BLOBS commonly known as EDIBLE WATER BOTTLES which is currently crowdfunding on crowd cube. They are 100% Biodegradable, edible and a green alternative of plastic. They are round and their capsule (covering) is made from seaweed extract which is biodegradable. Their goal is to make waste free packaging. It is also cheaper than plastic. EDIBLE WATER BLOB is made from biodegradable algae. EDIBLE WATER BLOBS taste like water and they do not have any natural flavour. The creators of EDIBLE WATER BLOB say that they can add flavours to it and make it more fun to taste. The EDIBLE WATER BLOB can stop to about billions of plastic wastes which are dumped to the ocean and form a heap over there. The EDIBLE WATER BLOBS are now being sold in the market of London, but the creators are wishing to send them worldwide and I think it deserves it.

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