Aarush Mullick 16August,2020

Yirego Drumi: Portable Washing machines that run without electricity.

Washing machines are the most common things which people use in their daily life. Being so useful is also uses a lot of electricity to run. Life will not go on without electricity but there are many villages which do not have access to electricity. Yirego company has found a solution for this problem. It has invented a washing machine which does not need electricity and runs manually. It can be of a great use for the rural population. This washing machine is named Yirego Drumi. This washing machine has another cool feature. The washing machines which we use are not portable. We cannot travel with it. But Yirego Drumi is portable. We can travel with it anywhere. So now we can clean our clothes anytime and anywhere.

Yirego Drumi: Portable Washing machines

About Yirego Drumi.

Yirego Drumi is a manually operated portable washing machine. It has a lid at the top which covers the cloth holder drum. Once the lid is opened, we can put the clothes in the drum which is silver round shaped with holes in it made of stainless steel. Once the clothes have been put, we can add water and detergent to it and close the lid. After this there is a handle which needs to be pushed back and can lock the lid which prevents the lid from opening when the drum is rotating. How can we make the drum rotate? The Yirego Drumi has a design like a flip top pedal bin which many people have seen and use in their house. This type of bin has a pedal in the bottom which needs to be pushed with the feet and makes the top cap flip and opens the bin. The Yirego Drumi uses the same technology. The washing machine has a pedal which needs to be pushed by the feet and makes the cloth holder rotate which creates a centrifugal force and mixes the water and detergent with the clothes. The drum then rotates cleaning the clothes. In addition, Yirego Drumi has a water ejection pipe which throws the water out of the drum when it has done cleaning the clothes. The machine takes 5-10 minutes to clean the clothes.

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